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Why Should you Choose Us?

At In Home Care Hospice we respect and appreciate the individual beliefs, traditions, and approaches of each family we serve, and we develop our plans based on their unique needs.

Our staff is trained to recognize different levels of pain tolerance and tailors care plans accordingly. We work closely with each family according to their needs. You're free to supervise the patient with assistance from our caregivers or we can assume greater responsibility for the patient's needs.

Our caregivers have highly qualified medical skills as well as empathetic and compassionate natures. Rest assured, our staff is sensitive to the needs of each patient and their family.

Count on us for comprehensive services that address the full spectrum of the patient's needs. We will carefully assess the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of patients and their families and provide services to meet those needs.

There are many hospice providers to choose from, and here are some qualities that differentiate In Home Care Hospice from others:


Our approach to hospice care is different from others. We understand that each hospice patient is unique and requires dedicated time and attention to ensure that their specific needs and desires are met. We do not follow the “cookie cutter” or standardized approach to hospice care. Patients are not a number to us, rather they are a part of our extended family, and we strive to establish strong communication with our patients and family members to create a comprehensive approach that is patient-specific, and meets the needs of desired hospice expectations.

Our hospice services are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. We understand the importance of being available and being able to reach our patients in a reasonable time. We have nurses who are staffed around the clock and readily available to assist our patients when there is a need. In Home Care Hospice strives for efficiency and speedy delivery of our services.



Our hospice is well-equipped to serve the multicultural population of Los Angeles. We have staff that is fluent in English, Armenian and Russian. In Home Care Hospice also has strong spiritual and psychological resources for our patients.

In Home Care Hospice takes great pride in its name and reputation. Our philosophy is simple: we let our reputation speak for itself. We are proud to be the preferred hospice provider to some of the most respected and selective hospitals in LA County. We are also extremely proud of the feedback and reviews that we have received from our patient’s loved ones describing our high quality care.



In Home Care Hospice works with some of the most reputable doctors and nurses in the industry. We have the medical expertise and knowledge to be able to handle the most difficult hospice cases. Our team consists of experienced doctors who are experts in oncology, geriatrics, pain management and palliative care.


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